Monday, February 28, 2011

ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner- 7 Axis SI

The universal scanning solution – accurate high-speed scanning for all types of parts and applications.
The ROMER Absolute Arm 7-Axis "SI" series with integrated laser scanner delivers the convenience of a fully integrated 3D scanning solution. The scanner is permanently incorporated into the seventh axis, and weight balanced with ROMER's Zero-G counterbalance feature for ergonomics and ease of use. The feature pack contains the scanner interface, so no external controller box is required. Single button automatic laser power control allows scanning of different surface types. No warm up time coupled with no homing procedures means an operator can be up and scanning in just moments.
ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner is the first portable arm system in the market that is factory calibrated and certified to B89 specifications.

  1. Patented Infinite Rotation in the principle axes allows access to difficult to reach areas, while avoiding damaging the arm against rotational hard stops.
  2. Kinematic Probe Joint, the same type used in Hexagon Metrology bridge CMMs, provides repeatable connection of probes, with no need for recalibration. Automatic probe recognition allows you to store hundreds of calibrated probe profiles for instant recall.
  3. Redesigned, ergonomic Pistol Grip handle increases operator comfort and productivity.  It is easy to hold, and is used to inspect parts or to interact with the software when in "mouse mode".
  4. Patented SpinGrips are infinitely rotating, low-friction "approved" hand hold positions for better user ergonomics. SpinGrips allow the arm to "float" in the operator's hands, reducing stress on the arm thus maximizing accuracy and repeatability while minimizing user fatigue.
  5. Absolute Encoders, super high-accuracy rotary encoders, designed specifically for Romer Absolute Arms, improve overall system accuracy while eliminating all complicated "homing" procedures.
  6. Aerospace grade Carbon Fiber Tubes provide a lightweight, stiff structure that is thermally stable. Under normal usage the carbon fiber tubes have a lifetime warranty.
  7. Low Profile Zero-G Counterbalance balances the arm's weight for easy, operation with effortless control, even above and below the arm's centerline. Better ergonomics means lower operator fatigue and better measuring results.
  8. Integrated handle and lifting point under counterbalance allow for easy carrying.
  9. Feature Packs plug into the base and provide interchangeable and upgradeable add-on capabilities such as WiFi connection, battery power, interface for laser scanners and more.
  10. Universal quick mounting base attaches to a variety of available base and stand options including magnetic bases.
  11. Fully integrated scanning solution – no additional cables or controller box
    • One button automatic laser power control – allows to scan on different surface types with minimal operator interaction
    • No warm-up time
    • Factory calibrated and certified scanning systems according to B89.4.22 (for Hexagon scanners only)
    • No coating or surface preparation necessary
    • Scanning and probing interchangeable, automated probe recognition

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