Thursday, June 30, 2011

NX Training- NX 5 to NX 7.5 CAD Transition Essentials

The NX 5 to NX 7.5 CAD Transition Essential Topics class is for the general NX 5 users transitioning to NX 7.5. The new gateway, modeling, sketcher, assemblies, and drafting functionality are the focus of this course. The course allows for actual hands-on activity time for a real learning experience.

Who should attend- Designers, engineers, CAD/CAM managers and experienced NX 5 users who want to learn new functionality of NX 7.5

Prerequisites- Modeling, Drafting, and Assemblies in NX 5 and working knowledge of NX    
Course Level- Intermediate              Duration- 3 Days                    

Cost- Please call

Primary Course Topics
·         Gateway
·         Sketcher
·         Assemblies
·         Modeling
·         Drafting

Provided Course Material- Student Guide, Activity Material    

For pricing, questions or to register for this course, please contact us at (248) 969-9201

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