Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What’s New in Siemens PLM NX 8

Smarter decisions. Better products.
The NX 8 product development solution from Siemens PLM Software delivers new capabilities and more powerful tools for design, simulation and manufacturing. The latest release builds on Siemens’ high-definition PLM technology framework to provide more visual information and analytics that improve collaboration and decision-making. Customer-driven enhancements for CAD modeling, validation, drafting, simulation/CAE, tooling design and machining boost productivity throughout product development to help companies deliver higher quality products faster and at lower costs. High-definition 3D

NX 8 includes many extensions of high-definition PLM technologies for product development. The high-definition 3D (HD3D) environment and visual reporting and analytics tools in NX have been expanded to enable rich visual interaction and information delivery for validation, product templates and other applications.

HD3D Visual Reporting in NX 8 expands the number and scope of predefined, out-of-the-box reports, providing more information about on-time/late status and other design and project properties. You can also create multi-dimensional reports that include more than one top-level report property, enabling you to color code objects by one property and display visual tags for other properties for richer visual feedback – for example, color code parts by tooling status while displaying tags on the parts for completion schedule. You can switch among the top-level report properties in order to group and sort reported data in different ways.

Predefined reports from Teamcenter 9 Report Builder convey information on parts affected by change orders, change requests or problem reports;

• More productive product development
• Better product quality, faster development, lower costs
• More informed decision making
• Faster, more efficient modeling
• Better compliance with standards and product requirements
• Up to 70 percent reduction in simulation modeling and solution time
• More analysis solutions for optimization and multi-physics
• More productive NC programming for machinery parts

For more information on how NX8 can help your business,
please visit: http://www.camlogic.com/software/siemens-nx-cad

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