Monday, April 30, 2012

Solid Edge Essentials (Training)

Solid Edge Essentials focuses on the essential skills and work flow in Solid Edge. The novice user will learn uses of production level solid modeling and will be introduced to techniques for using Synchronous Technology. The experienced user will learn fundamental practices in Solid Edge to accelerate productivity and advanced capabilities within Solid Edge.
At course completion, students will have learned how to utilize Solid Edge to design production level models of parts, assemblies, detail drawings and document management. They will also be familiar with the Solid Edge user interface, adding features, sketching tools and various modeling techniques in the Traditional environment as well as the Synchronous environment
Who should attend- Designers, Engineers.
Prerequisites- Completion of Solid Edge Tutorials included with product                     
Course Level- Beginner
Duration- 5 Days                                                           
Cost- $1795                          
Software/version- ST4
Primary Course Topics
Getting Started/User Interface
 •Convert and Move to Synchronous
•Base Features
 •Detail Drawings
•Moving and Rotating Faces
 •Practicing your skills
•Working with Face Relationships
 •Revision Manager
•Treatment Features
 •Functional Features
•Modeling Synchronous and Ordered Forms
 Provided Course Material- Solid Edge Fundamentals Student Guides (Volumes 1 and 2) and data set on flash drive.
For questions, schedule or to register for this course, please contact us at (248) 969-9201 or via email

CAM Logic  38 S. Washington Oxford MI 48371  (248) 969-9201

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