Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Protecting The Engine Behind Your Business: The Impact of changing your ...

If you are looking at Solid Works or are currently using it, there's been extensive media coverage on the pending kernel change may be giving you second thoughts. 

The brains in any CAD system is the geometry kernel and it handles all 3D creation. Constraint solvers manage position between 2D or 3D elements. And the data platform defines how files are stored.
The announcements you may have read about indicate that SolidWorks will soon swap out their core components for their own CGM platform effectively changing the geometry kernel and how data is stored.

Changing a kernel is a significant undertaking. Basically a Kernel change will require a rewrite of every operation-assuming you can find them in some 15 million lines of code. Different kernels will result in different results.

Different results mean design impacts. A platform change may affect...
  • Functionality. Can you be able to innovate?
  • Performance. Will your customers suffer?
  • Reliability. Will you create excessive scrap?
  • Access. Will you have to hire IT staff?
Hope is not a good business strategy.

Please join us for 60 minutes. We will explain in detail the ramifications of a kernel change. More importantly we will show you a way to protect your investment in 3D while getting a boost in productivity at the same time. 

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