Friday, April 29, 2011

Automotive Stamping Die Design with Siemens NX CAM

NX Automotive Stamping Die Design is designed to assist product designers and manufacturing engineers with a toolkit specifically focused on die process specification, die layout and die analysis. The package automates the more costly and time-consuming processes associated with the production of stamped sheet metal parts, significantly reducing their typical lead times.

NX Automotive Stamping Die Design focuses on the initial stage of die face design, automating processes that are typically performed concurrently with product design but before die structure design and NC machining tasks begin. It models the shape transformation of the sheet metal as it moves through the die press line, providing a suite of tools for die face design that is customized for product designers and manufacturing engineers. These include selection of the die lineup, assignment and sequencing of forming operations, as well as the design of the addendum and binder surfaces. The final result is production of one or more die output features (sewn sheet bodies) that represent the state of the sheet metal as it leaves each press in the lineup.
NX Automotive Stamping Die Design guides the engineer in defining the process used to manufacture a particular sheet metal part. The application produces a representation of the press line and models the shape of the sheet metal as it leaves each press. This "part in-process" ability allows designers and engineers to effectively evaluate the process at every step.