Friday, April 29, 2011

Design jigs and fixtures with the power of Siemens NX CAM

Advanced solid modeling and assembly design aids in NX are ideally suited for general tool, jig and fixture design. Designers begin with solid models of parts, in-process workpieces, or product assemblies, using associative capabilities to directly relate tooling models to the geometry of the workpiece.
With feature-based modeling, component libraries, and assembly design aids, tool designers can quickly model workholding fixtures, jigs and other production tools, ensuring accurate fit and function of the tooling to the workpiece. NX provides powerful capabilities for creating jigs and fixtures that are associatively matched to the design parts or assemblies.
·  Knowledge driven automation to update fixture designs to match new product arrangements
·  Rapidly perform design changes with associativity
·  Validate and guarantee the design ·  Connect seamlessly to NX’s simulation products to analyze geometry and check for strength, distortion, modes of vibration, as a part of the fixture design process – all in NX
·  Connect directly to NX CAM to prepare NC programs to mill, drill and turn fixture components – all in NX.
 NX offers the most powerful capabilities in geometric and large assembly modeling, making it ideal for all types of fixture design.
Easy, fast updates
Full associativity between the product model and the fixture can ensure fast, accurate updates.When the fixture design is dynamically associated with the part or product model, the fixture model can be updated automatically if the design changes.

Easy-to-use kinematic software can be employed to display and check mechanism motion. NX also offers a wide range of tools for stress analysis to help optimize structural performance.

Complex configurations
Using Teamcenter ® software extensions to the NX Managed Development Environment, tool designers can define, store and re-use an unlimited number of alternative fixture configurations.

Automatic part positioning
The NX assembly mating conditions allow new or updated part of the same type to be positioned in the fixture automatically.

Multiple arrangements
NX can display multiple arrangements of fixtures that have different conditions, for example, opened or closed positions.
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